Why Laundromat Franchises Remain Attractive Investment in Thailand

The rising interest in laundromat franchises in Thailand has marked it as a leading choice for entrepreneurs, driven by urban expansion, the quest for convenience amidst busy lifestyles, and heightened health consciousness. These factors, coupled with the location’s strategic importance—such as proximity to residential areas, educational institutions, and tourist spots—underscore the potential for success in […]

Is food franchises still worth investment?

Food franchises consistently rank among the most popular investments due to their high demand, proven business models, relatively low investment requirements, adaptability, and other favorable factors. High demand for food franchises stems from the universal need for food and the public’s frequent dining out, ensuring a steady market. The food industry’s diversity, ranging from fast […]

Impact of AI on Franchise Marketing

The landscape of franchise marketing is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by the relentless march of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This powerful technology is poised to revolutionise how franchises connect with customers, manage resources, and drive growth in 2024 and beyond. Efficiency at Every Step:AI is streamlining operations across all aspects of franchise marketing. Data collection, […]

The Lucrative World of Fitness Franchises

In the dynamic landscape of business opportunities, investing in a fitness franchise has emerged as a robust and rewarding venture. As the global focus on health and well-being intensifies, the fitness industry continues to experience exponential growth, making it an ideal arena for entrepreneurs seeking a profitable venture. One of the key advantages of investing […]

Overview of the Thriving Franchising Industry in Asia 2023 and beyond

Overview of the Thriving Franchising Industry in Asia 2023 and beyondThe franchising landscape in Asia has experienced a robust surge in recent years, establishing the Asia-Pacific region as the global leader in the franchise market, contributing to over 30% of all franchised businesses worldwide, as reported by China spearheads the Asian franchise market, boasting […]


One Bangkok, the largest holistically integrated district in the heart of Bangkok, has become the country’s first real estate project to obtain the Platinum WiredScore certification– the highest certification from WiredScore for its office towers. The One Bangkok District has been designed to meet the Wiredscore and SmartScore standards ensuring Tenants on the stability of […]

Investors / Visitors are waiting for you

More new international franchise brands emerge in Thailand every year due to increasingly popularity among Thais looking for new alternative investment and franchise businesses. Based on our post show statistics of TFBO 2022, hundreds of Thai visitors to the show are exploring to buy master franchise in different categories. Among the leading franchise brands required […]